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How Ap-peeling is This Eco Idea?

eco friendly ideasWe love to read any news about people embracing eco-cleaning methods.  It’s good for us and it’s good for the planet.  But we have to confess that we were really impressed with the efforts of Jessica Tan Wee Loo, a mom of three from Malaysia.  

Determined that the pulp from juiced fruit shouldn’t go to waste, Jessica started experimenting until she had hit on a formula.  A 3-month fermentation period of the fiber and skin from citrus fruits and pineapples, in a sugar and water solution was the breakthrough that Jessica had been looking for.

Harnessing Enzyme Power!

Harnessing the power of the fruit enzymes was key to creating products that work brilliantly, and have impeccable eco-credentials.  

“Enzyme cleaners are chemical-free, biodegradable and gentle on the hands and the environment.  The cleaners are also natural insect repellents which means they keep ants and cockroaches at bay without harming them.”


Jessica Tan Wee Loo

Determined to continue with her environmentally sound approach, Jessica asked family and friends to let her have any empty bottles suitable to house the product, rather than buying new ones.

j homemade natural cleaners

J Homemade natural Cleaners Products by Jessica Tan

New Use for Juice

She also made contact with a company that produces cold-pressed juices and persuaded them to let her have the leftover peel and skins from the juicing process.  

The cleaning products, which Tan distributes from her home in Kuala Lumpur, are proving popular.  Initially sold from a local market, the recycled and repurposed cleaning products are now sold online and delivered nationally.  

With a second enzyme-based scouring paste now available, made from the fermented fruit waste and good old baking soda, Jessica’s creativity and determination to create ethically and environmentally sound products is inspiring.  


What Can We do to Help?

Now while we can’t all go back to our kitchens and start knocking up cleaning products from the contents of our fruit bowl, what we can do is allow our conscience to be tweaked a little.  

There’s no need to use most of the chemicals that we do in our homes.  Some are unpleasantly toxic and others downright harmful to the environment.  

When you hire our house cleaning services, you don’t need to worry about what products are being used in your home.  We guarantee that all of the cleaning products we use, on every bit of your house, from the windows to the toilet bowl, have been certified with an A rating with The Environmental Working Group.  


Join Our Happy Customers!

Lots of the pollution that we’re exposed to in our day-to-day lives is beyond our control.  But we can make the decision to reduce toxins at home.  Our customers enjoy more free time and a sparklingly clean home with the comforting knowledge that it doesn’t come at any cost to the environment.


Over to You!

We’re really excited to hear about people like Jessica Tan Wee Loo, and her inventive approach to eco-cleaning.  It’s heartening to know that all over the world, people are looking for effective and sustainable alternatives to chemical cleaners.  

Have you successfully up-cycled anything to create something useful or fun?  Old tires have made cool swings for kids for generations, and growing herbs in cleaned out tin cans with holes punched in the bottom can look great!  

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