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Going Green in Cleaning

green cleaning tipsYou’ve probably might have heard about green cleaning processes, procedures, products and the likes and wondered what the term really is for.  Green cleaning supplies, natural or home made cleaning products that work as well as green cleaning products are now one of the smartest ways to clean your homes and dwellings without the fear of toxic or health hazardous results. These green cleaning products contain environmental friendly ingredients and follow a stringent process to preserve and promote safety of human health and environment quality. It involves green cleaning techniques and products which avoid the use of toxic chemicals, wherein some emit volatile organic compounds causing negative aftermath on respiratory and dermatological issues.

Nowadays, green cleaning services are very popular and would often collate a big market ranging from residential to industrial entities. Though it may sound easier at it may seem to look for such service contractors promoting safe cleaning products for the home, it is still difficult to search for a reliable one.

To help consumers in looking for environmentally friendly cleaning products in the US, EPA or Environmental Protection Agency’s for Safer Choice Program should be present in all of their products. Formerly known as Design for the environment, the EPA has been working for almost a year collecting ideas and discussing new label options for stakeholders and consumers and identifies products that may contain chemical ingredients safer for the consumers and the environment without sacrificing the product quality and efficacy.

To add to the Safer Choice label, there is also a Safer Choice Label for products that are fragrance free and products designed for use in businesses, office buildings, sports venues and schools with green cleaning certification.

green-cleaning-productsOther than looking and ensuring that the green cleaning supplies you will be using are EPA SCP approved, below are 8 tips for green cleaning in your home utilizing store-bought cleaning solutions or homemade cleaners suited for your bathroom, toilet, kitchen and windows:


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