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Why it is Important to Choose an Eco-Friendly Maid Service

If you are looking for a maid service to clean your home or office, you will see that there are many companies available to choose from. But, it is important to keep in mind that not all services are created equal. One of the most important factors that you should consider is the types of cleaning products that are used, and whether or not those products are eco-friendly.

Why Eco-Friendly is Important

Many people don’t realize the potential harm that can result when standard cleaning products are used. Cleaning products are often purchased based on price or marketing claims that advertise the effectiveness of the cleaning that can be achieved when the product is used.

Standard cleaners can be dangerous to your health, because they contain harmful chemicals and toxins. If your living area is cleaned with those chemicals, then you are coming in contact with the toxins each day as you breathe the air and touch the surfaces that were cleaned. Using eco-friendly products can help to safeguard the health of your family and ensure that you are reducing toxins in the home as much as possible.

Potential health concerns that can occur from chemical cleaners include respiratory problems, skin irritation, eye irritation, asthma, and allergic reactions. Serious complications can lead to conditions such as reproductive issues, cancer, and neurological disorders. If any of these health concerns have shown up after using standard cleaners, it is likely that the symptoms will go away once the standard cleaners are changed out for eco-friendly cleaners instead.

Aren’t Standard Cleaners Safe if Used Correctly?

Don’t be mistaken to think that standard cleaners are ok to use as long as they are used according to the instructions on the bottle. Many people think that they can use standard cleaners as long as they are used in small amounts, but the truth is that even small amounts can be absorbed into the body.

When chemical cleaners are used on surfaces such as food preparation counters or any surface that may be touched by the hands, then it is possible for those chemicals to inadvertently be ingested. For example, your hands may come in contact with a railing that was cleaned with a harmful cleaner, and then you pick up a piece of food to eat and the chemical can be transferred onto the food and into your mouth. Additionally, the chemicals may also be absorbed through the skin when the skin comes in contact with a surface where the cleaner was used.

Another way chemicals can be introduced into the body is through inhalation. It has been said that indoor pollutants may be as much as two to five times higher when compared with outdoor levels. Any toxic product that is used indoors will linger, and the pollution may become more concentrated as those products are used on a regular basis. You may not be able to see anything in the air, but the chemicals and toxins may still be present… and you are breathing that air all day long. When you breathe the air, the chemicals pass through the lungs and into the bloodstream, which can have a negative impact on all parts of your body.

As you can see, there are many concerns about using standard cleaners instead of eco-friendly cleaners, so it is best to use a high-quality maid service that uses only eco-friendly products.

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